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Past Development Roles

Details of other past computer game projects can be found here and past computer game music can be found here

Previous publishing/distribution/advertising partners and clients include:

Core Design ● Future Publishing ● Mediasoft Magazines ● Grenville Trading International (GTI) ● Images Design ● Climax Group ● HotGen ● Zattikka ● Pocket Studios ● Xing Interactive ● Blimb Entertainment ● eGames ● Clickgamer ● BMT Micro ● Game du Jour OUYA ● Apple App Store ● Google Play Amazon Appstore ● Barnes & Noble NOOK Apps Samsung Apps T Store SlideME ● AndroidPIT Windows Phone Marketplace ● Nokia ● SCEE ● Steam Chartboost OnHand Apps AGON Online ● OpenFeint ● Gideros Mobile ● Pocket Gamer ● Xing Mobile ● Overloaded (Mocondi) ● Airgames ● Celander ● Javaground ● Happy Tube ● YouPark ● Greystripe ● HOVR ● GetJar ● Ikkyou (Airvod) ● Adam Schmelzle ● Mobile Games Blog ● Zeemote ● Injoy Games ● eFunsoft ● Binary Fish ● Binary Finary ● Spiralking Music and many more!

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